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"braindance is the music that has always existed but was not discovered until 1991 - by us! braindance is the genre that encompasses the best elements of all genres, e.g traditional, classical, electronic music, popular, modern, industrial, ambient, hip hop, electro, house, techno, breakbeat, hardcore, ragga, garage, drum and bass, etc."

-Sourced from RePHLeX.com



~The Mind Waltz Manifesto~


Mind Waltz is a new internet label that me and my friend Buzzo set up in late 2016 to post our musical works. In the early years, we went under the label name "ReDRUTH", along with a shite ton of other names. But our manifesto still stands clear.

To give those lesser known genres a time in the spotlight, one release at a time

But why so? Well, to start off, Ever since the early 2000's we felt like these two lone genres, Rap and Pop, have taken over the entire industry, and it shows. Everywhere we would go we would here either Rap or Pop music. Nothing new, Nothing fresh, just completely black and white with no color at all. Right now you could look at Billboard's current Hot 100 and you'd probably mostly see only Rap or Pop music. It's not just the Internet too, it's mainly real life too, Its like theirs no color at all, no flavor, its just boring! Thats why we're here change that! Influenced by techno and alternative rock among other genres, we're here to prove that these genres alike and others can be just as good as Rap or Pop music, with one release at a time.